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Welcome to our Videos Page. Below you'll find links to some of our videos.


Unfortunately, we're not very consistent with our video formats. Most movies can be played with Windows Media Player (which, if you use Windows, you probably already have). However, the *.mov files can not be. Try using Quicktime (free from Apple).

Windows Media Player Download Page (If you have Windows, you probably already have Windows Media Player)

Quicktime Download Page (you probably don't need the version with Itunes, unless you want it)

Turkey Dance Videos

Turkey Dance 2006 (small version, 4MB)

Turkey Dance 2006 (large version, 11MB)

Turkey Dance 2005 (9MB)

Turkey Dance 2004 (4.5MB)

Antarctica Videos

Lynette's birthday video surprise for Jason (69MB) - June 7, 2007

Polies singing Jason a Happy Birthday(5MB) - June 7, 2007

Lynette's Scott Glacier Landing - As a reward for all of her hard work, Lynette got to go to Scott Glacier in a Twin Otter (32MB) - Dec. 12, 2006

Snow Stakes - A video of our snow stakes trip made by one of our friends, Emrys Hall. (8MB) - Dec. 4, 2006

Fun With Cryo - During a "cryo-fill", the hose carrying the cryogenic fluid caused the air around the hose to liquify. Here's a pretty cool video showing this. (9MB) - Dec. 4, 2006

Stauchy Jackson - During the 10,000 Foot Party, Jason busted out his super-bad-ass Michael Jackson moves! - Aug. 11, 2007

South Pole Room Tour - Here's a video tour of our room at the South Pole. - Sept, 2007(For a larger version, click here

Fun on the Snow Hill! - Some videos that we made on our last full day at the pole, playing around on the newly created snow hill: Brian Snowboarding, Butt Slide, Dainella Butt Slide, Jamie Sledding, Johny G Skiing, Neal and Nick Body Surfing, Penguin Hunting at the Pole, Extreme Cam!! - Oct 28, 2007.

Winterover Ceremony - A few words about the medals that we received for wintering at the South Pole (from Dave Scheuerman, acting South Pole Site Manager). - Oct 28, 2007

Mt. Cook Clouds - A quick video of the clouds blowing past the high, snow-covered peak of Mt. Cook. An awesome sight! - Nov 11, 2007 (for more info, see our old NZ web page here)

Bealy Spur Panoramic (Small Version) - A nice panoramic video from the top section of the Bealy Spur Track near Arthur's Pass. For more info, see the The Bealy Spur Hut Blog.

Arthurs Pass Waterfall - A nice video of a waterfall near the summit of Arthur's Pass. For more info, see the The Bealy Spur Hut Blog

Wanaka Panorama - A panoramic video of Lake Wanaka from the shores in the town of Wanaka (one of our very favorite places). (For more info, see our old NZ web page here)

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