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Stauchy Blog » Blog Archive » The Bealey Spur Hut (Arthur’s Pass) - Sat Nov 10, 2007 (JRS)

The Bealey Spur Hut (Arthur’s Pass) - Sat Nov 10, 2007 (JRS)

Yesterday afternoon we hiked up to the Bealey Sur Hut from near the summit of Arthur’s Pass, and this morning we hiked back down.  It was a short, 3-hour hike up a fairly gentle (“easy” according to the DOC lady, although it was a bit of work at times, especially with a pack) slope.  After realizing that the summit routes were too much to bite when we arrived in the early afternoon, the Bealey Sur Hut seemed like a decent chunk to conquer with the rest of our daylight, plus it would give Janelle her first over-night hut experience.

071109sd_arthurspass22.jpg (Lynette and I at the top of the Bealy Spur Hut, overlooking the glorious mountains near Arthur’s Pass).

Since Oamaru, we’ve visited Dunedin and the Otago Penninsula (see day 6 of our previous trip web-page at http://www.stauchy.net/2004_NZ), Mt. Cook (see days 5 and 19), back to Christchurch (for some appointments), Hamner Springs (see day 17), and Kaikoura (see day 18, but no whale watching this time).  We were wanting to swing north to Nelson (including a visit to Abel Tasman and Nelson Lakes), but decided that we didn’t have time for that before the Milford Track.  So, we headed South-West over Arthur’s Pass towards the West Coast, and eventually Te Anau where we would begin the Milford Track.

We ended up at Arthur’s Pass Village by afternoon, and as I said before, we didn’t really have time to do one of the summit hikes.  So, Lynette asked about any huts that were only a 2-3 hour hike in.  The lady at the DOC suggested a few and we narrowed it down to the Bealey Sur Hut, being a “easy” route that offered nice mountain views.

We took off from the car at around 3 and headed up the Bealey Sur ridge.  After reaching the hut, with the views of the Arthur’s Pass peaks getting better and better, Lynette and I decided to keep going up the ridge to see how far we could get before needing to turn around in order to get back to the hut by dark.

071109_arthurspass43.jpg (Lynette and Janelle hiking up the Bealy Spur Track)

071109_arthurspass23-32.jpg (a panorama from mid-way up the Bealy Spur Track)


We ended up making it up to a nice point on the ridge and were rewarded with 360-degree views of snow-capped peaks.  For a video from the top, see our videos page.

071109_arthurspass58.jpg    071109sd_arthurspass22.jpg (views from the top of the track)

We headed back down and got some dinner before unsuccessfully trying to start a fire and heading to bed.

071110_arthurspass03.jpg (Janelle, Lynette, and inside the hut the next morning) 

The hike back down in the morning wasn’t as nice because of some low-ish clouds that covered the peaks.  We were certainly glad for our weather the day before.  At the bottom of the trail, we re-organized our gear, jumped back in the car, and headed to the top of the pass to check out some short hikes to some waterfalls.  See the videos page for a video of the waterfall.

071110_arthurspass09.jpg 071110sd_arthurspass01.jpg (The falls near Arthurs Pass)

We then and headed for the West Coast and “Glacier Country”.  On the way, we made a brief stop at Hokatika Gorge where the water was a gorgeous (no pun intended) shade of blue-green.

071110_hokitikagorge06.jpg (the sweet, sweet colored water of the Hokatika gorge) 

In the days following, before getting to Te Anau for the Milford track, we blew through Glacier Country (there were no tours available the day we passed through), headed down the coast and inland at Haast to Wanaka (perhaps our favorite place in NZ, or at least where we’d most want to live if we ever moved to NZ).  We then headed to Queenstown for a couple of days and then on to Te Anau where we met up with a bunch of Polies who are doing the Milford Track with us.  For more, see our old web page, days 11-14.


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