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Welcome to our Antarctic Links Page. Below you'll find links to other Antartic web pages.

Antartic Links

Antarctic Photo Library - The official photo library of the U.S. Antarctic Program

South Pole Station - The unofficial web site of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Kept up by a former winterover with a strong fascination for the station. Lots of great material and links if you want to learn more about this place.

More Coming Soon!

Antartic Blogs

Nowhere To Go But Up - Neal is the Aurora Tech (very similar to my job). his blog is hilarious. Check it out.

Homeless Heidi - Heidi is our physician assistant. Her blog is descriptive of life at the South Pole and is very well written

Iceman's South Pole Page - Robert's webpage. He is a "Beaker" here this winter, and he's wintered at the South Pole several times. He has some excellent pictures. He may just be one of the world's best aurora photographers.

Cooking South - Michael is one of our cooks. This is his second consecutative winter.

Antarctica Volume 3 - Laura is our Facilities Engineer, her first winter at Pole.

zakatthepole's Flickr Page - Zak is another "Beaker", working on the 10-meter South Pole Telescope. Check out a Beaker's photographic perspective of the South Pole.

Vicavag - Brien is a returner to the Pole and is working in Materials.

Monster at the Pole - Charlie was one of our good friends from the Summer.