Day 8: Sat, Oct 22 -- Egypt: Saqqara and Kahn el-Khalili


We arrived in Cairo at about 3am and had a crazy experience getting to the Hotel and getting checked in to our room. After some sleep, we decided to head to the Kahn el-Khalili Bazaar. In the taxi on the way, the driver convinced us to let him take us to Saqqara, home of the first ancient pyramid (a step pyramid). On the way, we stopped at a Papyrus shop and learned how they made paper in ancient Egypt. After the excursion, we ended up at the Bazaar after finding that the Cathedral was closed because of Ramadan. We wondered the alleys of the Bazaar, getting “harassed” by countless shop owners, then ate a rather unpleasant meal at a sidewalk café. After that we sat in the square and watched the festivities surrounding Breakfast, which is literally the break of the daily fast, just after sunset. We headed back to the hotel where we met up with our tour and then headed back to the Bazaar for a light snack and a Shisha.

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