Day 7: Fri, Oct 21 -- Olympia


We woke up early and headed for Olympia. The drive was quite impressive, passing through some quaint mountain villages that are built into the steep hillside. Olympia was one of our favorite sites in Greece with extensive ruins that included a gymnasium, an array of guest quarters for the spectators of the ancient Olympics, the Temple of Apollo that housed one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the place where the modern Olympic torch is lit, and, of course, the ancient Olympic stadium, among many other ruins. After Olympia we headed to a nearby site where an impressive temple was still standing with the columns largely in tact (although under a tent). We then drove back through the mountains stopping at Megaopolis, which was a unique mix of modern and ancient features, and a gothic-looking town on the side of a small, steep mountain. We got to Athens in plenty time to catch our flight to Cairo

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